Some recent studies show that Manchester City two players, fans, average weekly salary of 400 pounds, while Manchester United players to average weekly wage reached 111,000 pounds. If you are looking for Cheap Soccer Jerseys , go to our online store to know more Description.


Manchester United star Pogba salary to the club to reach an ordinary British fans more than 700 times. Overall Manchester United players, who pay 281 times fans, and Manchester City are a little closer, but also 264 times more.


The average salary of the Manchester United players who are reported to have reached 111,000 pounds, compared to 393 pounds per week for the fans. This means that Pogba salaries are 736 times higher than the fans and the latter reportedly has a weekly salary of up to 290,000 pounds. The cheap Pogba shirt is on sale for 55% off, come quickly to buy.


On the other hand, Manchester City's average weekly wage is 104,000 pounds, and fans' average salary is only Iaia-Toure and Aguero 1/558 and 2 is rumored to have a weekly salary of 220,000 pounds.


Goals report also pointed out that although competition is temporarily behind this two La Liga teams, but Manchester United's average salary is still the highest in three clubs. Barcelona's average player pay valued at 108,000 eur pounds per week, and Real Madrid pay 97,000 pounds on average weekly wages to players. Many customers feedback about Pogba Jersey , all said that they are very satisfied and will come back to buy again, so are you ready to be one of them?

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